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      review rating 5  They found the information that I needed for my divorce. It was very accurate and provided more details than I expected. it really helped me and my divorce case. I would highly recommend them.

      thumb Susan Cerone

      review rating 5  Access Investigative Service was very professional and reasonably priced. Peace of mind is something that is difficult to put a price on, so with Access Professionals I feel I got a bargain.

      thumb Charles Best

      review rating 5  Access Investigative Services and Peter Cerone stand out after utilizing their services on more than once occasion. Forget the new day PI you see on tv. Access Investigative Services is up with current with resources stream (the final work product utilize current media styles); on longevity (this agency has been around for a while and at the same address - an important info for me); on results (that speaks for itself in my case); on professionalism (Peter Cerone dresses, speaks and carries his agency like a professional. He is respectful and listens well - and completely - before advising on the investigative options). And if you need some computer forensics thrown in with that surveillance, then Access Investigative Services may be just the agency you need. Glad to have come across you sir.

      thumb Tricee Hampton

      review rating 5  I would like to thank Peter for the outstanding service he provided. I would recommend Peter and his company for everyone to use. They provided premier service on helping me locate someone that I have been trying to locate for years. Just when I was about to give up I found Peter which was like the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Peter for making my life complete and connecting me with the person that was just in my dreams.

      thumb Anthony Merucci

      review rating 5  They did a great job for me and my family. I highly recommend them.

      thumb Julieth Gironza-Rojas

      review rating 5  Peter and his team at Access Investigative Services are amazing!! I had an issue with some product I had purchased from a private seller in Florida (I’m in Seattle), fully paid for, and had been going in circles with the seller who had swore up and down that the product had been shipped. I hire Peter and his team to get to the bottom of things, and they went above and beyond my expectations! They were able to determine that the seller still had the product in his possession, got pictures and video, and even spoke with him directly! Their success allowed me to take it to the next legal level and provided the necessary proof for the sheriffs department to act. Without the information from Access Investigative Services, I sincerely doubt I could have achieved a successful conclusion to this matter, and I’m deeply appreciative for their hard work and excellent customer service. Peter is always available, always updates with new information, and extremely easy to talk to. He really cares about his clients and is involved to the point the the client issue becomes HIS issue and I would recommend them to anyone without a second thought!

      thumb Jason Helmick

      review rating 5  What an awesome job access has done for myself and my family. The prices are great, they are very precise with their work in a timely manner. Great people!

      thumb tami nunez

      review rating 5  I used Access Investigative in order to build a case against a former employee who I suspected of fraudulently suing for an injury. The entire team was knowledgeable, courteous, and absolutely professional from the initial consultation through the completion of the investigation.

      thumb Jen Lee

      review rating 5  I would like to thank Peter for the outstanding service he provided. I would recommend Peter and his company for everyone to use. They provided premier service, great help on my case.

      thumb Audy Ortiz

      review rating 5  I have used Access Investigative Services on several occasions for both personal and business matters. In dealing with a delicate personal situation, I found them to be extremely sensitive to my concerns and the seriousness of the matter. They took the time to listen to my concerns. When a business situation involving the theft of property arose, my first reaction was to contact them again. Once again, I found the investigation to be very thorough and they gave me the information I needed. I strongly recommend Access Investigative to anyone needing help in either personal or business matters.

      thumb Dee Stephens

      review rating 5  A highly recommended team of professional investigators operating out of the greater Orlando area. Shockingly effective and have never failed to come through. Will call in the future if needed.

      thumb Boosted Fool

      review rating 5  I've tried hiring a couple other private investigation people and had no luck...This guy is absolutely awesome. I hired him to find my real parents I was adopted and grew up in group and foster homes. It took him 2 days And he even reunited me with my sister we were split up.... Thank you so much Peter I'm gonna have an awesome Christmas because of you....😍

      thumb Richard Halleck

      review rating 5  We call Access every time we hire someone - pre-employment background check. The one time we didn't follow plan, we hired a real problem that ended up costing us dearly. Won't make that mistake again! Access does a great job at a fair price.

      thumb Bob Heid