• Homeowner Association Audits

  • Homeowner Association Audits

    Our team, with a homeowner's written 3rd party authorization, can request and obtain any and all association records on your behalf. We will conduct a thorough audit with emphasis on embezzlement and fraud.

    Unlike a CPA accounting audit, our investigation will detect possible criminal activity. It will also uncover any shell companies setup as vendors to do business with your association; any inconsistencies in check amounts to vendors throughout the year; and verify if your reserve amounts are correct and accounted for.

    If you suspect a board member and/or your property management company is not acting on the association's best interests or money is missing, contact our office immediately as time is of the essence. Once the money is taken, assets are purchased and we must discover where it went and seize the property through legal action or criminal charges.

    Forensic Auditing Services for HOA & Condo Associations

    • Fraud & Embezzlement Investigations
    • Detailed Checking Account Analysis
    • Vendor Business Verification
    • Board Member Relative Check
    • Asset Location
    • Kickback Detection
    • Reserve Analysis
    • Court Testimony Available
    • Detailed Forensic Report of Findings
    • Vendor Criminal Background Checks (including sex offenses)

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