• Business Investigations


    Knowledge is power and you’d be hard pressed to find a convincing argument against being informed. In the ever-evolving world of business, questions come up fast, and you need solutions faster.

    Don’t waste your time digging up solutions when your effort should be spent on growing your business.

    Whatever your company's size, you will always benefit by knowing more. A well-informed business is one that has the power to drive forward and expand.


    So what can a company do to keep itself in the know and on the rise? The answer is clear: rigorous research and investigation. However, even the most enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer can’t squeeze more than 24 hours from a day. Trying to maintain a competitive edge while dealing with the extreme demands of entrepreneurship is a fast-track to executive burnout.

    The successful have mastered the art of delegation. Freeing up their time to focus on the problems they’re trying to solve, the products they want to offer, and the services they wish to provide.

    Here is a sample of the many services that companies can use to get the inside scoop on what's happening in and around their business, while protecting their most valuable money-making resource: time.


    • Due Diligence Research
    • Trademark / Name Infringement
    • Asset Searches
    • Records Research
    • Mystery Shoppers
    • Competitive Intelligence


    • Pre-Employment Background Checks
    • Employee Activity / Compliance
    • Non-Compete Compliance
    • Worker’s Compensation Fraud Investigations


    • Computer Scans and Tracking
    • GPS Vehicle Tracking
    • Bug and Camera Sweeps
    • CCTV Security Systems
    • Polygraphs


    • Loss Prevention
    • Employee Theft / Shrinkage
    • Security
    • Anti-Piracy
    • Executive Protection


    • Skip Tracing / Locates
    • Asset Location
    • Credit Application Verification
    • Asset Searches


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