• Why Hire A Private Investigator For A Divorce?

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    There are many reasons that private investigators are retained in a divorce case. Even with no-fault divorce, some facts are sometimes necessary in protecting fairness:


    • To obtain proof of misconduct or abuse
    • To obtain proof of adultery
    • Asset searches
    • Child custody


    Divorce is much too common.  Formerly loving spouses turn on each other.  Some divorces go smoothly, but sometimes proof of certain actions must be obtained.


    Imagine a women being abused and there are no witnesses. A private investigator can obtain the proof necessary without endangering an innocent party.


    Sometimes infidelity is suspected but proof is needed. A private investigator can find out for sure without embarrassment to the suspecting party. If it turns out no infidelity occurred, the investigation stops there.  Sometimes marital misconduct is relevant for spousal support.


    A spouse may hide marital assets during or prior to divorce proceedings which may include property, valuables, and other monetary assets to avoid losing them in a divorce settlement.  A private investigator will do an asset search.  Many times, one spouse may have handled all finances for years leaving the other spouse in the dark. Sometimes one spouse isn’t interested in the everyday financial management of a household. Then, a divorce occurs, and the controlling spouse may attempt to spend down the marital estate. A private investigator can find and protect marital assets until a judge has granted the divorce, and the parties agree on the marital assets with full disclosure.


    In the case of spousal abuse, children can also be affected. It’s important to find out if this is occurring.  Children will be protected by the court, and the non-abusive spouse can seek custody of minor children with supervised visitation.


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