• Signs They’re Cheating – and What to Do About It

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    Facing the possibility that a spouse or lover may be straying can bring feelings of hurt, confusion, isolation, and self-doubt. If you think your partner may be cheating, don’t immediately jump to “I’m going crazy.” They may want you to second-guess yourself so as to distract from their own unfaithful behavior. This is intentional and strategic.

    Instead of spending time wondering, read the following signs of infidelity:

    • Lack of intimacy. Change in physical touch can be a big sign of guilt or change in romantic feelings. Perhaps they seem dreamy or distant.
    • Change in routine. They suddenly must work later, there’s an increase in time unaccounted for, etc.
    • Change in established patterns.  Are they dressing differently? New cologne or perfume, diet or exercise, taste in entertainment?
    • Newfound interest in appearance. If you notice a sudden, noticeable change in the way your partner cares for themselves physically, they may be working to impress someone else.
    • Mood swings. Maybe they seem irritable, grouchy, or sad for no identifiable reason.
    • Starting arguments. They may find fault with you for minor reasons in an attempt to justify their own behavior to themselves.
    • Mind games. Be aware that they may even accuse you of having an affair, being jealous or paranoid.
    • Change in cell phone usage. They answer their phone outside, don’t answer your calls, or delete their call logs.
    • New spending habits. Unexplained charges at restaurants, hotels, or bars. They may even have bills sent elsewhere, such as to their office, instead of home.

    If you have questions or feel you may be interpreting your situation incorrectly, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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