• Infidelity Investigations

  •  When love goes awry

    It starts small. Usually a feeling or an odd behavior. Something miniscule that you may not have noticed, but just feels “off”.

    Sudden changes in well-established routines. Strange excuses or defensiveness when asked simple questions. The quick shuffling of devices or computer windows when you walk by. The tell-tale signs that feed your suspicions may be constantly changing, but the story – and the question – is always the same.

    Are they having an affair?

    Once the question appears, it’s all but impossible to dismiss it. You try to rationalize with yourself, to reason your way out of believing that the person you love could hurt you like this.

    There’s something to be said for intuition. Sometimes a feeling is really all you need. But if that feeling isn’t dealt with it can transform into jealousy and obsession.

    Doubt is heavy on the heart and it piles up quick. The possibility of extramarital affairs or other relationship indiscretions bring forth pain, confusion, isolation, and self-doubt.

    But the truth is out there.

    The first admonishment always falls on the shoulders of the suspicious partner. Am I crazy? Have I gone crazy? Is this ridiculous to believe that they would cheat on me? You replay interactions and pore over mental archives, searching for anything you can point to and say “A-ha! It’s true” or “Thank goodness, it’s not!”

    Signs of Infidelity

    • Lack of intimacy
    • Increased arguing
    • Mood swings
    • Suspicious absences
    • Strange patterns of working late
    • Getting defensive when asked simple questions
    • Unexplained expenses
    • Not answering the phone
    • Protectiveness of phone or devices, especially texts
    • Hiding computer/internet activities
    • Unexpected change in habits
    • Becoming aggressive if you voice your concerns


    Does your partner show one or more of the behaviors mentioned above? While these are among the most common signs of infidelity, this list is not exhaustive.

    It’s important to understand that not every cheating partner may display these behaviors and similarly, you may have a partner who displays these behaviors but is not cheating. These are merely guides for you to keep in mind if you already have your suspicions.

    If you think your partner could be cheating, go ahead – ask the question. If you're wrong, all you have to lose is worry. If you're right, all you have to gain is the truth.


    • Video Surveillance
    • GPS Vehicle Tracking
    • Computer Tracking Software
    • Computer and Phone Data Scans (Texts, Emails, Apps)
    • Phone Number Identification and Locates
    • Camera and Listening Device Checks
    • DNA Tests
    • Asset Searches
    • Records Research


    Obtaining unequivocal proof of infidelity is one of our specialties and we have several tools and techniques at our disposal.

    We know during this time that trust is essential. Rest assured, our team of caring and competent professionals understands your situation, and will work diligently to uncover the truth. At Access, you’ll find Private Investigators who are both on your side, and by your side from beginning to resolution.

    Whatever your reasoning, whatever your need for the truth. Access can give you access.

    Ask the question

    Stop living in doubt. Learn the truth.