• The ties that bind

    Family comes first (for most of us). So when life presents us with challenges that put our families at risk, many of us would move heaven and earth to protect them. Blood is thick and binding. Family is the most important part of many of our lives.
    Arguably, there is no worse feeling than the helplessness that settles into your heart when a tragedy befalls a loved one. That ache to ease their pain, to console and offer assistance is almost chemical. We feel it down to our very atoms. Sadly, we can’t always help and usually that’s because we don’t always know the full truth. Buried beneath embarrassment, shame, guilt, or a host of other negative emotions.

    We know your family means the world to you. Ours mean the world to us. We will do anything we can to get you the information you need to help your family.

    No matter what family means to you, or where it falls in the hierarchy of your life, we know that these matters are often personal and delicate, especially when children are involved.

    Continue reading to learn more about how we can help you protect your family.


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    A divorce affects the entire family, but it usually hits young children hardest. When a divorce occurs in a family with young children, at ages commonly characterized by pushing parental boundaries and exploring the world, a divorce can turn their entire world upside down and inside out.

    Family is a safe haven for most of us, but especially so for children, who are dependent upon their relatives for food, shelter, and emotional support. When that emotional support is threatened by the severing of familial bonds, children can feel as though a piece of their heart is being torn away. They become confused as to why their safe haven doesn’t feel so safe all of a sudden and may blame themselves for the dissolution.

    At a time like this, it is crucial to bring as much stability and normalcy back into a child's life as soon as possible. However, this can be difficult when your family member’s lives – and your own life – is in a state of transition.

    If the divorce was amicable, this will likely be a smooth and streamlined change of circumstances. If it was hostile, on the other hand, the children can become casualties of the emotional fallout. Obtaining custody and child support become tools for ex-couples to hurt each other rather than methods to ensure their children’s safety and wellbeing.

    Whatever the situation, we can sort through the mess, and get you what you need to take care of the children.


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    Kids color our lives – not always in the brightest ways. It would be far from an overstatement to claim that kids make mistakes. We spend nearly two decades trying to guide and teach them to become productive members of society at the same time they’re searching for their place in the world. It’s no surprise, things can get a tad messy.

    The balance is delicate here. Exposing our kids to the world while at the same time trying to protect them from it. Usually we give them room to make safe mistakes so they can learn and grow. But not all mistakes are safe. Not every risk should be taken.

    Without the wisdom that comes with age and experience, kids can get in over their heads. It’s during these periods that parents need to draw lines and enforce boundaries.

    Sometimes with a little extra help.

    We know how important your children are to you. Let us help you keep them safe.


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    We all think it’ll never happen to us. We see the stories on the news, scroll past the posters on our social feeds. However, you don’t really start paying attention to missing persons until it’s someone you know. A friend, a colleague, or – heaven forbid – a family member.

    Maybe it’s not a matter of a missing person, rather someone you’ve long lost touch with. An old flame perhaps or that one friend you met backpacking through Europe and never heard from again.

    If you’re looking for someone, we can find them.


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    If you’ve ever worked in a family business then you know it’s a tight-knit business where each and every employee is all the more valuable because they’re also family.

    When you're a family-run business, there is no distinction between protecting your family and protecting your business. They are one and the same.

    Access started as a small, family-run company before it grew into what it is today. But we still share the same values as we did back in those early days. We'll provide you with the information you need to protect your business and your family as if you were one of our own.


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    When it comes to security, there is always another safeguard to utilize. Another technology that can provide peace of mind ensuring that your home and loved ones are protected.

    If you have any questions about the various types of security services we offer, or are interested in a service that isn't listed here, please give us a call.

    Odds are we've seen it before and know just the way to handle it.

    Most of our investigators are parents themselves, and therefore understand the unique and oftentimes overwhelming stresses of family life. In fact, as a company, we at Access have more decades of combined parenting experience than private investigation experience which helps keep our priorities pure.

    Our investigators have unique skillsets and experiences that can keep your family safe. Compassionate and caring individuals – parents – who have been there themselves.

    Let us equip you to guard what matters most.
    Ask the questions. We’ll get you the answers.

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