• Child Endangerment

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    “Child Endangerment refers to an act or omission that renders a child to psychological, emotional or physical abuse. Child abuse based on the offense of child endangerment is often a misdemeanor, but endangerment that results in mental illness or serious physical illness or injury is a felony. The child who is subjected to child endangerment is called an abused or neglected child.”


    Children are not small adults. They are dependent on their parent(s) for their safety including the provision of nourishment, clothing, nurturing, guidance, and prevention from harm. Most people take good care of their children, but there are many who don’t.


    Many times, a divorce can change the entire existence of a small child. The separation of parents is traumatic to say the least, but if one parent has custody of a child and that child is in danger from the custodial parent, a live-in partner, or absence of care as described above, a non-custodial parent may need help to prove that their child is in danger.


    Access Investigative Services, Inc. takes all child endangerment suspicions seriously. We offer assistance to parents, grandparents, and school authorities to ensure the safety of our youngest citizens. A child should be able to depend on their adult caregiver without fear or intimidation. Never assume that if an adult is present that your child is safe!


    If you suspect a child is in imminent danger, our staff of well-trained investigators can bring peace of mind. We have helped in many custody cases and in the prevention of child endangerment. We are proud of our A+ BBB rating.


    If you are looking to obtain full custody of your child and you suspect your child is in danger, don’t wait. Call Accesstoday. Your gut feeling is often correct.  It’s time to act.