• Child Custody

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    Divorce or separation is sadly part of our society. There are many reasons, and lawyers on both sides battle for the “innocent” party, but the judge has the final say.

    When it comes to child custody, things often become more serious. Many times, a parent will turn the children against their spouse. It’s unfair to the kids and unfair to both parents.

    A cheating spouse can bring out anger and resentment from the offended spouse. This is understandable. Often, however, this turns to hostility, and a cheating spouse suddenly is seen as unfit to be a parent.  Lawyers are hired, and the battle begins to seek custody for their clients.

    It’s often believed that the mother usually gets custody. This is not necessarily true. Times have changed.  Sometimes joint custody can be arranged, but only if the parties involved consider the children first and leave emotions out of the equation.  We have all seen custody battles begin as a result of “getting even” with the other spouse. In some cases, a parent wants total custody because their spouse is a drug user or an alcoholic, and sometimes it’s physical abuse. Whatever the reason is, this is the time to hire an experienced investigator to clear an innocent spouse or prove accusations regarding an abusing spouse.

    Access Investigative Services is here to answer all of your questions. If you are concerned that your spouse is abusing your children or is involved in illegal activities, and you need proof for child custody, Access will investigate and provide you with all the information you need.

    The law allows for parental visits, but sometimes they must be supervised. Let us help you make sure your kids are safe and that you or your ex-spouse is eligible to share custody of your children.